Agreeable Content is a Polarizing Social Force

Racists become more racist, homophobes get even more homophobic, patriotism becomes extreme nationalism, and the gap between opposing ideologies grows wider and wider. Opinions, preferences, beliefs, convictions – these are the elements of which our individual identities are constructed. We are creatures of proclivity. We like what we like – that’s our opinion – and […]

It’s Time for a ‘Human Day’

You won’t find rainbows on my Facebook page.  Before you get angry and call me nasty names, let me explain … I fully support gay marriage and have tremendous respect for the members of our LGBTQ community. The recent decision to legalize gay marriage in the US is a win for human rights and I […]

Murrant’s Rant: Mother Canada

  I was fortunate as a young boy to have lived for a few years in Ingonish.  Like all kids, I was a sponge, and I soaked up every ounce of the experience.  My father was the General Works Manager for the Cape Breton Highlands National Park; he was my personal Park guide.  Over countless […]

Murrant’s Rant: Greed and the Senate

To justify $16,800 in travel and living expenses, which you and I payed for with our taxes, Senator Nancy Ruth complained that on her frequent Toronto-Ottawa commutes she had to endure “cold Camembert with broken crackers”.  The senator’s comments are disturbingly reminiscent of the infamous and inflammatory words, “Let them eat cake”, spoken by Marie Antoinette, […]

I am Human

“I am not distinctly different from any other human.  My beliefs are no more or less valid than any other person’s.  My hair, eye, and skin color are random and meaningless.  I am not white or black, I am not strait or gay, I am not christian or atheist.  I am human.” I was hit […]

Is Netflix Trawlling for Subversives?

If you have a Netflix account, take a look at your history.  What have you watched?  Is there a theme?  If you look at my Netflix history you will find a lot of documentaries; specifically documentaries about corporate/government corruption, economics,  social philosophy, etc, etc.  There is a wealth of this material on Netflix such as […]

“Dear little Six Billionth Living Person:”

In 1999, as the world’s population was approaching 6-billion, Salman Rushdie contributed a letter to a UN-sponsored anthology.  His letter was addressed to the soon-to-be-born 6-billionth citizen of the Earth.  Rushdie’s letter offers up grandfatherly advice to the infant.  Fourteen years later, as the population races toward the 8-billion mark and radical religious ideologies threaten […]