Artificial Intelligence vs Synthetic Consciousness

The leap from artificial intelligence to artificial curiosity is a leap across the Rubicon into a new world of synthetic consciousness.   Artificial Intelligence is an old idea, visited often by philosophers over the centuries. To researchers, programmers, and self professed nerds, the ultimate achievement in the field of AI has always been to create a machine interface, […]

No Demons Here Today

You have one, or two, or ten.  You may have confronted them or denied them, shared them or hidden them.  The fact is:  it is our demons that make us human.  It is how we cope with them that defines our character.  Some demons seem insurmountable and their weight is crushing, so we are amazed […]

The Vigour

It’s one of those holiday long weekends when we, as Canadians, will reflect on the year past and be thankful for the peace and prosperity we enjoy.  Some of us will be fortunate enough to enjoy the company of our loved ones over a meal.  Generally speaking, again as Canadians, we have a lot to […]