1. The Brink of Violence

The blackness gave way to a momentary amber glow. Light slid fluidly through the interior of the car for only a few seconds, then evaporated back into the void. Wave after yellow wave poured in from the sodium streetlights passing overhead. Occasionally the glare of headlamps from an oncoming vehicle interrupted the seemingly unending ebb […]

Murrant’s Rant: DST (Dog Standard Time)

Originally Published on November 5, 2015 http://southshorebreaker.ca/2015/11/10/murrants-rant-dst-dogs-standard-time/ http://capebretonstar.ca/2015/11/05/murrants-rant-dst-dogs-standard-time/   What do Arizona, Hawaii and my dog all have in common? Give up? None of them observe Daylight Saving Time. I think they’re onto something. For them, it’s business as usual year round. In fact, four-fifths of the Earth’s humans, and five-fifths of the non-humans, don’t […]

Murrant’s Rant: Realification

Originally Published on January 27, 2016 http://dartmouthtribune.ca/2016/02/02/murrants-rant-realification/ http://halifaxcitizen.ca/2016/01/27/murrants-rant-realification/ http://capebretonstar.ca/2016/01/27/murrants-rant-realification/   I didn’t think it was really a word. I thought I had stumbled upon one of those rare, original ideas. I called it “Walmartification.” It was the only word I could think of to sum up my feelings about the mass availability of consumer goods, the […]

Murrant’s Rant: The Bay of Absurdity

Originally Published on September 10, 2015 The Cape Breton Star – http://capebretonstar.ca/2015/09/09/the-bay-of-absurdity/    I’m not an economist.  I guess that’s why the logic behind the Nova Star Ferry eludes me.  As you may have read recently in the news, we (taxpayers) are well on our way to spending $13-million this year to keep the Nova Star […]

Room 101

“George Orwell’s 1984 has always been a favorite of mine. Michael Radford’s 1984 adaptation is a masterpiece.  So in 1992, with a room full of synthesizers and samplers and a clunky old Atari 1040 computer, I produced this.  It’s pure, early 1990’s techno – really dated by today’s standards – but I still love it.  Some […]

Lost Myself

Lost Myself by Glen Murrant“September 11, 2001 was a day that defies description. I wasn’t even in the US at the time, but I watched the whole thing unfold live on TV.  When the second plane hit the tower, I knew the world would never be the same – we, as a society, would never […]

Human (parts 1 & 2)

“I’ve always gravitated toward the slower, quieter sounds – piano, brushed drums, marimba, fat synth pads with a slow attack.  I had written about fifteen different sets of lyrics for ‘Human’ but none of them added anything to the music – in fact, they all seemed to detract from it. Maybe some day I’ll find […]

The Mur-RANT: patient patients

Last week I spent over four hours in the Cape Breton Regional Hospital ER with my son – and finally left without ever having seen a doctor. But we weren’t alone. There were eight patients waiting to see a doctor when I arrived at 7:30pm that evening. During my 4.5 hour wait, only two patients […]