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I’m Glen Murrant.

Professionally, I am a marketing and communications specialist (or generalist – depending on how you look at it). I develop marketing plans and branding strategies; I build websites, create content, manage digital media campaigns, etc. I am a copy writer, audio/video editor, and voice actor for radio and TV commercials, instructional videos, documentaries, and audio books.

I live on Cape Breton Island – or as we say “in Cape Breton” – with my wife and kids. When not preoccupied with all the business stuff that pays the bills, I pretend to be a musician, writer, and occasionally a doer-of-things-oneself; that is to say a “DIYer” (is that a word?).

This website is a collection of posts and pages related to all of the above, and more. Please feel free to contact me; comments and feedback are most welcome.