Build a Professional Vocal Booth on a 500 Dollar Budget

Budget: The whole point of voicing is to make money – I know that sounds greedy, but lets face it; the family has to eat and I’d like to retire before I’m 85. A good voice and a home studio can be a source of extra income. It was ambitious, but I set a budget of $500. Keep in mind that my studio was already well equipped with some pretty decent gear – $500 was just for the booth.

Fall on Me

2020 has been a hard year – emotionally – around the world. Here in Nova Scotia, it’s been especially hard; a lot of tragic events…

Thinking Like Gold

As you would expect of someone bearing the title Master Goldsmith, Rob Bowden’s skill at restoring jewellery to its original condition is rivalled by few, but it’s in creating new, original pieces that Rob’s artistry is truly put to the test. Without a picture or any visual reference, he listens to his clients for clues.


Perplexed – words and music by Glen Murrant Climate change Global economic collapse Influenza pandemic Terrorism The nuclear threat Eroding social values Ignorance and greed…

L’Humanism Athée (parts 1 & 2)

Albert Camus was a man”sui genris” – in a category by himself. In all his works there is a common thread; an underlying expression of empathy and compassion toward all of humanity, while at the same time an outright rejection of the notion that our existence is attributable to the divine. His philosophy, though often mis-categorized as existentialism, was really that of Atheistic Humanism.