Lost Myself

“September 11, 2001 was a day that defies description. I wasn’t even in the US at the time, but I watched the whole thing unfold live on TV.  When the second plane hit the tower, I knew the world would never be the same – we, as a society, would never be the same.  Collectively, we lost something that day – maybe not all of us – but I certainly changed.  I became more cynical, more skeptical, more jaded, more critical.  The line, ‘a piece of me turned to stone’ is probably the most personal line I’ve ever written.”

[VERSE 1] 
Knew a man. 
He'd seen too much in Sudan. 
Fell out of touch. 
Head in hands, can't understand, 
"I lost myself. God, I think I need some help" 

Was a time I knew my name 
A time I was my father's son 
When I belonged and I was whole 
knew it deep down in my soul 
Was a time when I believed 
in something more, in destiny 
If only I could find myself again 
If only I could find myself again 

[VERSE 2] 
Helplessly felt it unfold 
A piece of me turned to stone 
I lost myself, I lost myself 
Now everything is rapidly 


who do you want to be? 
open your eyes.