Lost Myself

Album cover for "Lost Myself", single by Glen Murrant
Lost Myself 
   words and music by Glen Murrant

Knew a man who'd seen too much 
in Sudan.
Fell out of touch.
Head in hands.
Can't understand
"I've lost myself.
God I think I need some help"

Was a time I knew my name;
a time I was my father's son;
when I belonged and I was whole;
I knew it deep down in my soul.
Was a time when I believed
in something more; in destiny.
If only I could find myself again.

Helplessly felt it unfold.
A piece of me turned to stone.
I lost myself.
I lost myself.
Now everything is rapidly unravelling.

[repeat chorus]

Who do you want to be?
Open your eyes.

[repeat chorus]       

© copyright 2009 Glen S. Murrant. All rights reserved.

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