Original Music

July Afternoon:  I just re-wrote/re-recorded this in March, 2015.  I originally wrote and performed it for my wife at our wedding in 1997.

Lost Myself: I wrote and recorded this in the summer of 2009.  It explores the changes we undergo in the wake of a traumatic event.  The opening line sums it up, “I knew a man who’d seen too much in Sudan – fell out of touch.”

Perplexed: This was also recorded in the summer of 2009, inspired by my old-school techno favourite, Jean Michel Jarre. It also pays homage to the late Rick Wright of Pink Floyd, who’s style has seeped in to my soul over the last two decades.

HLT Themes: I was commissioned in 2008 to write music for a short documentary about “The Heartland Tour” – a cycling event aimed at bringing awareness about the link between cardiovascular health and lifestyle, so I tried to capture the natural “pulse” rhythm of a heart and the forward momentum of a bicycle.

As I write and record new music, I will be sure to post it here.