J.R. Rahey’s

The J.R. Rahey’s company had been in operation for almost fifty years when I was invited to join as Marketing Manager in 2016. One of my first tasks was to develop consistent branding which could be rolled out across all visual media. It started with a new logo, and lead to the creation of several promotional themes. Rahey’s advertising covers all media – including digital display ads and social media posts, billboards, newspaper ads, direct mail, and video for web, network television and cinema pre-show – so it keeps my design and editing skills sharp. Everyday I use a host of apps – Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier to mention a few.


Heartland Tour

Every year since 2007 I have had the privilege of providing graphic design services for the Heartland Tour; an annual cycling event to spread awareness about the importance of an active lifestyle. The Heartland Tour brand consists of a both an image based logo and textual logo. The main heart-shaped-wheel and text logos were created as vectors in Adobe Illustrator – since they must be scaled large enough to wrap a bus, or small enough to embroider on a pair of socks.


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