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4 comments on “Home

  1. Hi Glen,
    Just watched your video about soundproofing booths, I also do voiceover work and news recording. I would like to take my work with me on holiday, we go to a private house in the south of Turkey for the summer. I would like to build a small recording booth over there as well, for news recording, however our problem is the cicadas and occasional rooster..The sound doesnt have to be crystal clear. I was hoping to make a lowbudget sitting in cabinet, possibly insulated with rockwool..or..any suggestions.

    1. Holidays in Turkey – sounds awesome! I’ve done some mobile recording too – always challenging, but fun. The noise from cicadas and roosters is high-frequency and is easily blocked out by dense materials. More dense is better. If you are building some simple panels to create a make-shift booth, try to get your hands on some upholstery foam. It’s like the stuff they use to make memory foam beds, seat cushions, etc. (similar to this … https://www.amazon.co.uk/Super-Dash-Upholstery-Carpenter-Replacement/dp/B07524HWXF/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1524414761&sr=8-17&keywords=medium+density+foam).
      To make your booth walls, sandwich 3″ of foam between two sheets of 1/2″ MDF – no framing required. Join the walls together with door hinges, so disassembly at the end of the holidays will be as easy as pulling a few pins. Then you can store away the panels for next year.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: if you go this route, remember that high-frequency sound will “leak” in through the cracks/gaps between the panels. Fill these gaps with thick, dense, closed-cell foam tape – available at most building supply stores. Best of luck! And whatever you do, I’d love see some photos of the booth.

  2. Hi Glen.
    Really liked your video of the Vocal Booth Build, simple and effective… are those instructions still available?

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