1. Hey Glen,
    After reading your site, so much great info! I decided it was time to get to work, 2 weeks later I’ve got my plans and now have my room framed! I have to admit the door has been baffled. You say, that you cut groves in the 2×4’s then you ‘insert’ wood in the groves. Do you not put any insulation in the space behind the wood in the grooves? I freely admit I don’t understand why you’ve done the grooves. Why not fill the space of the 2×4’s with rock wool and then cover with the foam board and drywall? Scratching head….?

    1. Hi there. Have a look at the image below. Basically, you make a sandwich with plywood in the center, drywall on the outside: Drywall | Foam | Plywood | Foam | Drywall. This is to make the door very rigid; and is more effective for soundproofing than rock-wool.

  2. hi,
    ive been working on building this booth for 3 months now (too many projects at once) for my son, just have the door left and was wondering where the spray foam is applied as i didn’t notice mention of it anywhere.

    also, for the narrow triangular recesses on both sides of door frame where they meet left and right wall, what are yoiu using to fill in that triangular gap? is it just left empty behind the drywall and foamboard layers?

    1. The spray foam is used to fill in any large gaps – for example, I had to fill a 1/2” where the booth walls met the structural room walls.

      I would suggest you fill the triangle gap with spray foam and then just close it in when you do the drywall.

      1. great! thanks for the quick reply, this has been a fun build

        1. My pleasure. Email some pics when you’re done. I’d love to see the final build.

  3. Terry White says:

    Hi, I am planning to build my wife a voice booth; would like to use your plans as a guide. Thank for the step by step guide. The door and windows give pause. I’m thinking about using a professional for those. I will see how it goes.

    1. Yes, I admit the door is bit complicate – and I didn’t explain it very well. Have a read through the comments here, I tried to clarify some points. Best of luck. If you have any specific questions, just ask.

  4. I am looking into building a vocal booth now for my studio. I plan to use your ideas as much as possible . This was a great idea!

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